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Book'toberfest 2013

Book’toberfest 2013

Welcome to my blog!  I decided to start Tracing the Truth both to organize my thoughts and progress as a writer and to aid my colleagues and friends who are working on similar projects. As a librarian who works in an amazingly rich intellectual environment, I am often coming across resources that are useful to historians and writers. Short of emailing my associates directly (or undertaking a Vulcan mind-meld), a blog seemed like the ideal method of sharing my ideas and others that I think have value and will save my readers time.

I have been researching the life of a major San Francisco figure (I’ll say who soon) for about two years now. I must say that I never dreamed I would embark on a writing and research project of such magnitude. It has truly been life changing and has made me, though perhaps a boring dinner companion, a much better librarian and a more engaged citizen.

When I first started on my research project I was at a loss as to how to start and how to stay organized. I will be discussing my workflow a lot in this blog and offer tips and tricks for researching local history. In addition, look forward to the occasional book review (I read biographies and history voraciously), commentary on local current events, and snippets of history.

Thanks for reading!

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